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Stay comfortable during the conferences period with Globenjoy tours

The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) consistently offers top-notch amenities for conference participants. The event is scheduled to take place at Colombo’s Galle Face Hotel in Sri Lanka. This renowned Sri Lankan landmark, located along the waterfront with a view of the famous Galle Face Green, holds a special place in the history of hotels in the eastern part of the Suez. The Galle Face Hotel not only cherishes its storied past and well-known customs, but also employs them to craft captivating and immersive moments that appeal to both past and present generations of travelers.
Since the Galle Face Hotel is the official venue of the conference, you can take advantage of a special discounted room rate during the conference. Please note that the rate is much lower than hotel website and other booking sites.

Our official Accommodation and Tour Partner GlobeEnjoy Tours can provide you with a Very Special Discounted room rate during your stay in Sri Lanka for the Conference. The rates below are in Hotel Galle Face green, which is also the Official Conference Venue. You can also avail Airport Transportation and get special Tours around Sri Lanka. For assistance, contact Mr. Emmanuel Fernando (Contact details given below)

Take Advantage of the Special Discounted rates today by Contacting Mr. Emmanuel from GlobeEnjoy Tours today.
Room type Single Room Double Room
Regency Non sea view (Superior)
USD 133
USD 148
Heritage non sea view (Landmark)
USD 193
USD 208
Heritage Sea view (Premier)
USD 230
USD 245
Heritage Sea view with balcony (Premier)
USD 263
USD 278
Regency Junior Suite Sea view
USD 290
USD 305
Heritage Junior suite sea view
USD 322
USD 337
*** The Above rates include Bed and Breakfast - Per Night

Special packages for Accommodation & Tour

Want to get all the services from one place? Choose the packages and get everything in one place to make your visit to Sri Lanka easier. Contact Mr. Emmanuel for more details.

Package 01

$ 444
/ person
  • Single room for 3 nights in Hotel Galle Face with Breakfast

Package 02

$ 574
/ person
  • Single room for 3 nights in Hotel Galle Face with Breakfast
  • Special Conference Networking Tour to Kandy

Package 03

$ 649
/ person
  • Single room for 3 nights in Hotel Galle Face with Breakfast
  • Special Conference Networking Tour to Kandy
  • Airport Transportation for both ways

Travel and Tourism


Globeenjoy is an internationally trusted tour and Destination Management Company which has more than 100 conferences related tour and accommodation management experience. You will be safer hands with Globeenjoy. Even TIIKM as the conference organizers will support you for any query.


Staying in one of the best hotels in the heart of Colombo will give you a lifetime memory. Do not miss it.


Globeenjoy tours will ensure you will be getting the best rate available for rooms. Since limited no of rooms available for the conference please make sure to book your room early.


You can get the advantage of time-saving, Money saving together with convenient access to your room anytime during the conference period. Do More, save more and enjoy more.

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Tel:+94 77 085 3373

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