This panel discussion focus on climate change in the Asian region and how it affects the human and other living organisms and its effects on other components in society. Under this will focus on the climate change mitigation adaptation and building the resilience as well.

This panel discussion, featuring well-known industry professionals and climate experts in Sri Lanka representing the public and private sector. During the discussion, panelists will highlight the main problems have to face due to the climate change, what are the actions we can take overcome these barriers and how we can adapt to these changes and mitigate its effects through building the resilience. The panel will consist of five members and a moderator. They will cover all the affected areas and solutions for these effects during this discussion.


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Date – 18th February 2021
Time – 18:00 – 19:30


This round table discussion will consist of three round table discussion and these will share the knowledge under the main three areas of Climate change and three expertise in those areas will moderate all three tables. The participants will get the opportunity to share their knowledge under these target areas and get new knowledge from others also. This will also will be a good networking opportunity for all the participant to move with others and share their innovative ideas and knowledge with others. Therefore this round table discussion will be included with three tables and these tables will discuss the following topics

Table 01: Resilience and Capacity Building

Table 02: Education, Awareness and Adaptation

Table 03: Intelligent Climate Planning, Small Islands and Developing Countries


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Date – 19th February 2021
Time – 14:30 – 16:00

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ICCC 2021 will feature an Industry Session, to embrace new innovations, research and experience from the industry to relate to the Environment and Climate Change. The purpose of the Industry Session is to present upcoming innovative trends with future research challenges. The proposed presentations should be in a clear industrial context including details about the new technologies and techniques have introduced to maintain the sustainability of the environment. As well as the effectiveness of those new techniques, how it will affect the related field and how those new techniques involve for change this current system to a digital system. Presenting at this session provides companies with increased visibility in front of a global audience and get feedback from experts around the world.

This session invites for all the industrial people who are working related to the Climate Change and Environment Science and novel solution providers who are developing tools and techniques to protect the environment and mitigate climate change. They can display their things on conference premises and they will get a 30 minutes speech slot in the conference program to introduce their products to a global audience.


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Date – 18th February 2021
Time – 14:10 – 15:10


The 5th International Conference on Climate Change 2021 (ICCC 2021) consists of some practical workshops conducted by the experts in relative fields. The participants will receive the opportunity to grab knowledge from both the academic and industry fields that related to the relevant areas. These two workshops will conduct under the two areas and one will be regarding the activism and it will guide how can be a good environment activist and their roles. Next workshop will target novel innovations and technologies in Climate Change and it will show how novel technology can help to protect the environment. Therefore both the academic and industry profiles can participate in this session and can share their knowledge with these experts and they can grab the knowledge from them as well.


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