01 Socio-Legal Perspectives of Climate Displaced Persons in Bangladesh

Moumita Dasgupta (Supreme Court of Bangladesh (High Court Division), Bangladesh

02 Impact Of Climate Change on Rice And Soy Beans Yields over West Africa In The 21st Century

Mojisola Oluwayemisi  (  University of Ibadan ,  Nigeria )

03 Renewable Energy for Rural Electrification and its Carbon Abatement Potential: The Case of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia

I. Taufiqurrohman , H.S. Fathoni  (  The Australian National University (ANU), Australia )

04 Ecological education as the environment protection awareness and a healthy life guarantee

Lela TavdgiridzeArcana, Ia Khasaia ( State University, Georgia)


05 Water Quality Parameter Detection From Landsat 8 Oli Image In Coastal Bangladesh

Ferdous J. ( Military Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh)

06 Illuminating the community-related lessons from the International Environmental Projects: An analogical study between ‘Conservation of Biodiversity in Central Zagros Landscape‘ and ‘Torres Strait  Climate Change Strategy: Building Community Adaptive Capacity and  Resilience’

Elyas Karim, John Doolah, Victor Kanayo ( The University of Newcastle, Australia)