Presentation Awards are presented to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field and to encourage active involvement for the betterment of the field as a whole.

The award should motivate individuals to strive to realize their fullest potential which could in turn be beneficial to the field as whole.  Epic works are not only a testament to the individual’s efforts, but they also have the potential to change the whole world as they can lead to formulation of better policies and or a new mindset.

The marks given by the evaluation committee and the Conference Chair will be used to determine the recipients of these awards, and works with the highest marks shall be recommended for the following awards:

  • The Best Oral Presentations Award
  • The Best Student Presentation Award
  • Session’s Best Presentation Award
  • The Best Poster Presentations Award

Presentation Awards

Best Oral Presentation Award

This award will be given for the most outstanding presentation in the entire conference. It takes into consideration factors such as the whether the presentation is impactful, and whether the speaker is inspiring and authoritative.

Best Student Presentation Award

The Best Student Paper Award will be given to a registered student who is judged to have presented the best student paper at the conference.  This award is based on the marks given by the evaluation committee to every student presentation, and Conference Chair’s own reading of the papers.  The Conference Chair and the evaluation committee makes the final determination on who receives this award.

Session’s Best Award

This award is given to the paper that has been judged to be the best in each session.  This is based on the marks given by the evaluation committee including each session chair, and two evaluation panel members for every presentation in a session.  The Session Chair decides which presentation will receive the Session’s Best Paper Award.

Best Poster Presentation Award

The conference organizing committee has appointed a committee headed by a chairman to evaluate poster sessions and identify the best poster presentation.  The Conference Chair and the evaluation committee decides which poster presentation will receive the Best Poster Presentation Award, based on the evaluation of the committee members.