ranga pallawala


CEO of Janathakshan (GTE) Ltd,
Sri Lanka.

Speech Title: Climate change: Policies, business and finance

Mr. Ranga Pallawala is the CEO of Janathakshan (GTE) Ltd, an organization established in 2011 to promote sustainable green development solutions in Sri Lanka.

Ranga is a member of the National Expert Committee on Climate Change Adaptation of Government of Sri Lanka since 2012. He is currently advising the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy of Sri Lanka on climate finance. He has been involved in UNFCC international climate negotiations in the capacity of an observer and a negotiator since 2008 and has been working closely with international, regional and national institutes on climate change issues.

An Expert Advisor for special assignments on Identifying and assessing potential National Implementing Entity (NIE) for the Adaptation Fund of Government of Sri Lanka under the UNEP/Ministry of Environment of Japan’s Adaptation Fund readiness programme and on Building Capacities of Ministry of Finance to accredit as the National Implementing Entity (NIE) of Tuvalu for the Adaptation Fund Under the UNEP/ Ministry of Environment of Japan’s Adaptation Fund readiness programme.